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Blog Mr. Big & Tall

Men's Sweater Styles | Big and Tall Sweaters

Men may tend to think that winter weather is the one season where style goes out the window in favor of practicality. Stay warm no matter if you look good, right? 

Wrong. You’ll need sweaters for the early spring weather, and there’s enough different styles out there that you might need a guide before you head out on your big and tall sweater journey.  

The good news is that as long as you stick around the three main sweater types, you should be good to go. And it’ll make your layer game every morning actually kind of interesting, since each sweater style pairs best with a different kind of overcoat.  

Red Sweater | sweaters for big and tall menCardigans 

Cardigans embrace the best of both worlds: relatively lightweight and easy to match with just about any shirt you wear underneath. And cardigans come especially in handy for the big and tall man, since wearing a cardigan open (whether buttoned or zippered) slims the torso frame a bit while keeping you feeling and looking relaxed.  

That’s also a good move if what you wear underneath shows more color than the cardigan itself. If you’re feeling like a deep red Henley knit you can pair it with a more toned-down Merino blend cardigan. The cardigan is just a great extra flavor to the rest of your outfit.  

Crew Neck 

The “c” in “crew” stands for casual. It’s as common as any sweater style you’ll come across, but that’s not a bad thing. The “c” in “common” stands for classic. Don’t tell anyone.  

As opposed to the cardigan, the crew neck needs to be worn underneath a jacket or blazer. It’s the middle piece to your layered outfit. And, thus, it can be the piece that stands out the most. Toss a striking red crew neck underneath a blue sport coat  and you’ll be the talk of the office.  

Crew necks are the best option for big and tall men with shoulders that slope a little, since the crew neck frames your torso a bit better that way. 

Crew Neck Sweater | Big and Tall Mens SweatersMock Neck 

If you tend to land on the tall end of the big and tall spectrum, then you should consider some mock neck sweaters.  

Less bulky than turtlenecks, mock necks tend to slim down a man’s frame and direct the eye’s attention to your face. In that sense, a mock with solid colors and buttons is the way to go.  Like the crew neck sweaters, however, mock necks are best paired with the right kind of outerwear.  

We’re aiming for tall and slim here, right? So a jacket with verticality or long coat works well, as long as you make sure you leave the jacket open. Otherwise how will people see your awesome taste in mock neck sweaters?