Don’t Forget Style’s Basics

There’s an old saying that reads like both a proverb and an insult: keep it simple, stupid. It’s easy to be drawn into wanting to make an impression wherever you go. It’s simpler to want to stand out in the crowd. But sometimes the best way to stand out is to go back to where you started: the basics!
What makes getting back to basics so important? There are only a few things you will usually wear on a daily basis, and only a few things you will want to wear consistently throughout the year. Start spring on the right foot by making sure you’re not taking away from your basic look. 
One place to start that holds no room for error: picking the right denim. Like you, jeans are resilient, and if you could fit into the same pair of jeans now that you had when you were eight — there’s a good chance they’d feel as good as new. Luckily for you, you’ve outgrown those jeans and maybe you’re in the market to pick up a new pair that will last you a lifetime. Do you need big & tall jeans that are stretch fit and built for comfort? Or ones that have a unique, personable colour you’ll look great in?
Of course, a good pair of jeans also needs a great looking shirt. It’s like the peanut butter to your jeans’ jelly. Looking to impress for a casual occasion? Mr. Big & Tall’s selection of polos offers the kind of comfort you’ll crave. Not to mention, the kind of comfort that lasts. When you’re at work or at a social gathering, a quality button-down is another piece you’ll want to have in your wardrobe.               
For more items to keep your essentials updated, check out Mr. Big & Tall.  
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