Fashion Tips for Plus-Sized Men

How you present yourself to the world can dictate how others treat and perceive them. A well-dressed man comes off as more confident, more assured and even more intelligent. And it's for that very reason that men who dress well get paid more at work. Some heavier men may think that because they're plus-sized, they can't be as stylish as their thin counterparts. That's the farthest thing from the truth. Any person with any body type can dress well if they understand how to dress for their shape. Keep reading for the top five fashion tips for plus-sized men. 


The most crucial key to men's clothing is fit. Whether it's a suit, sweater or jeans, the fit can make or break an entire outfit. Clothes that are too big, too small, or too long or short end up looking sloppy and borrowed. Always shop with an eye for detail, and check that the item truly fits the way it should. Any piece of clothing should allow for a reasonable range of motion without being loose. If shopping online, always find stores that offer fast and easy returns in case the item doesn't fit. For example, Mr. Big and Tall has a relaxed return policy. Additionally, Mr. Big and Tall offers alterations so customers can tailor pieces they love to fit better.

Shop for Your Size

Every plus-sized man needs to have an honest conversation with themselves and accept they probably need to shop at specific stores. Gone are the days of trying to make the ultra-slender European shirts at Zara fit well. If there's a pattern of having trouble finding clothes that fit, it might just be time to become a big and tall shopper. Stores that specialize in clothing for larger men understand how to make flattering pieces for all body shapes. Unlike shopping at a store that simply added a plus-size section as a last-minute thought. At Mr. Big and Tall , the "Big" sizes cater more to fuller-waisted average-height men. The "Tall" sizes are for men 6'3" and up with waists narrower than their chest.

Simplicity: A Note on Stripes, Patterns, & Colours

There's something so appealing about a well put together outfit that is simple. For plus-size men, simple is the way to go. In general, darker colours and neutrals are best. Patterns should be kept simple, and stripes should always be thin and vertical. Plus-sized men already have a significant presence, so adding complicated patterns and bright colours aren't necessary.


Layers serve to add shape and can narrow a silhouette. For the ultimate slimming effect, add light layers underneath dark colours. Great options for layers include chore jackets, thin knits, and overshirts.

Light Materials

We mention layers, but an asterisk to that fashion tip is to keep it light. Layers and outfits that are thick can create a bulky look that makes an individual appear larger than they are. Heavy fabric can also cause excessive sweating, which is an issue for some plus-size men. Opt for lighter materials in all clothing, including jeans, jackets and sweaters. If you feel light and comfortable, you'll also look more at ease in their outfit.


No outfit is complete without a touch of accessories. However, an important tip to remember is that accessories should be proportionate to the individual. The larger the man, the larger the accessories. Picture a thin strap watch on a man with large wrists. It just doesn't work! Always choose large ties, large scarves, and thick ties.

Mr. Big and Tall Brings You a New Shopping Experience

If shopping has always been a chore, it's time to try something new. Mr. Big and Tall specialize in making plus-sized men look great. If shopping online or in-store, the store offers free returns within 30 days of purchase. Mr. Big and Tall carries a wide range of brands and will make you fall back in love with fashion. Check out all the brands today!

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