How do I know if my Shirt Fits Right?

The T-shirt is a staple in any man's closet. It's a simple item, but it can fit many occasions. When a man wears a T-shirt that fits him well, he looks classic and put together. However, the key is that the T-shirt should fit perfectly. A shirt that is too loose will look like a dress or a Kanye West knock-off. On the other hand, a shirt that's too tight is unflattering and hugs every imperfection. 

Slim Fit

The shirt should be a slim fit. Just ensure it's not so slim it clings to the body like a second skin. One test is to raise the arms and make sure the sleeves don't feel too tight. They should allow for a full range of movement.

A man that is more fit may choose a slightly tighter shirt. Similarly, a heavier man may lean towards a somewhat loose T-shirt. In both cases, it's important not to go too extreme and pick an option that aligns well with the body

The Right Sleeve

Believe it or not, there is an exact area where the sleeve should end. A T-shirt sleeve should always stop before the bicep. This helps to lengthen the arms. Additionally, for men that want to show a little skin, a shorter sleeve can emphasize the bicep muscles. Try to avoid sleeves that billow out, opting for straight sleeves instead.


T-shirts have shoulder seams. These seams should always align with the shoulder. Otherwise, it's an indication the shirt is the wrong size.


The shirt should end around the beltline, or it can go a little further. A T-shirt that is too short can make the body look wider and can accidentally "ride up" throughout the day. When trying on a shirt, a good test is to raise the arms and make sure no stomach shows.


Avoid a constricting neck. This can feel uncomfortable, which is the opposite of what a T-shirt is supposed to do. Purchase shirts with a flat neckline. Opt for necks with a couple of buttons trailing down, a small V-neck dip at the neck or loose circular collars.


Choose high-quality material as much as possible. Cotton shirts are comfortable, breathable, and affordable. Many T-shirts won't be 100% cotton and will include some polyester, spandex or elastane, which is perfectly fine. However, choosing a T-shirt made of cheap material can result in a thin shirt that looks flimsy.

Classic vs. Graphic

While not a topic of fit, the type of shirt worn is important too. T-shirts come in two styles: classic and graphic. Generally speaking, unless opposed to graphic designs, most men should have both types in their closet. A classic T-shirt can be used as a layer underneath an entire outfit or for a classic look. While a graphic tee often is an excellent option for very casual days. A graphic T-shirt displays a little personality in its choices, which can be more fun.

Mr. Big & Tall

Perhaps finding the right T-shirt has always been a challenge. Even with these tips, it can be impossible to find the right shirt if shopping in the wrong places. For those that have consistently had trouble finding clothes that fit at department stores, it might be time to consider becoming a big and tall shopper.

Mr. Big & Tall understands that department stores don't cater to everybody size, and they look to provide options for the men who haven't had luck in the big chain stores. "Big" sizes cater more to fuller-waisted, average height men. While the "tall" sizes are for men 6'3" and up with waists narrower than their chest. And, Mr. Big and Tall offers alterations if they're unable to find the right size.

From classic T-shirts to graphic tees, Mr. Big and Tall offers quality materials, a variety of styles, and sizes for everyone. Stop struggling in that department store you don't even like, and try out a store that caters to you. Mr. Big and Tall is so confident in their products, they're willing to back them up with a fantastic return policy. In-store and online purchases are eligible for returns within 30 days of purchase.

Start revamping your closet today with classic staples from Mr. Big and Tall.

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