How to Get the Best Jeans for Your Shape

The Best Jeans for Your Shape | Mr. Big & Tall

Jeans are certainly the most versatile clothing item you’ll have in your wardrobe, but the key is making the right decision at the store. For big and tall guys, shopping for jeans is more of a process of elimination than for others.

So you want to go into the store knowing what kinds of cuts and fits are generally best for your body type. Armed with the information below, you’ll be sure to exit with a pair of comfy jeans that will last you a long time. 

Bigger Guy

The struggle might be real here, as guys with a bigger body type might have a tough time finding Goldilocks Jeans. (aka, jeans that aren’t too tight but not too baggy.) Too loose, and your jeans make you look heavier than you actually are. Too slim, and your jeans just aren’t comfortable enough to actually wear.

We recommend trying out a few different types of jean cuts depending on your body type.

For guys with wider hips, the classic/regular cut, relaxed or loose cuts work the best. Relaxed ensures that your jeans won’t be stretched or taut at the groin when you sit down, and provide enough room for your legs to breath all day. A higher rise is a good option as well.

You’ll want that high rise and relaxed or loose fit if you have a big waist as well, since the rise will flatten out your torso and contour your waist. For both body types, skinny or slim fit jeans are no-nos.

A good general rule for big men is to avoid boot cuts; if you’re not wearing boots then it just makes your legs (particularly your calves) look wider than they actually are. You want jean legs that adhere to the dipping contours of your leg, not ones that make your legs look like a unified tree trunk.

Taller Men

Yeah, we know. Even jeans are tough to get right if you fall on the tall side of the spectrum. You’re not just focusing on width and fit here; length of your jeans is just as crucial to any purchase.

With that in mind, avoid anything that doesn’t have a “tall cut” label on it. Know your leg length measurements, and definitely drag those jeans you like to the changing room before you buy if you’re unsure.

The common misconception is that tall guys need skinny jeans. Nope. The goal isn’t to wear jeans that make you look taller; you’re already tall! You want comfort, and straight leg or regular fit are the ways to go. Try both and see which one you prefer.

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