Mr. Big and Tall Suits

Have you ever stepped out of a fitting room in the big and tall section and felt like you were wearing clothes made for your grandpa? Did they seem to have the quality you would find in a thrift store? How many times have you walked past a window display or saw an online ad and wished you could find an attractive high-quality suit made for more the ample-bodied gentleman? It's no secret that big and tall clothes often leave a lot to be desired, but at Mr. Big & Tall, we're attempting to turn that stereotype on its head. 

Welcome to Mr. Big & Tall

As a premier Canadian menswear outfitter, we carry top name-brand suits you can get excited about - designers like Calvin Klein, Chaps and Daniel Hechter. As many of you know, Calvin Klein originally became famous for its signature jeans. The company has been designing stylish men’s clothes, coats and suits, as well as luxury haute couture since 1968.
Ralph Lauren created the Chaps line in 1978 as an alternative to its Polo line and subsequently licensed it to the PVH Corporation. The PVH Corporation is certainly not a no-name in the world of fashion; it also owns esteemed brands such as Van Heusen and Tommy Hilfiger.
Lastly, The French designer Daniel Hechter created his eponymous brand in Paris in 1962 and launched it on the local catwalks. Daniel Hechter has established a reputation for being one of the country’s foremost creators of ready-to-wear fashion. As you can see, our suits represent more than 100 years of world-renowned quality in the fashion industry.

Mr. Big & Tall Suits

Formal wear for big and tall men doesn't have to be baggy. Some people think it draws attention away from portlier figures – we disagree. Instead, it should flatter waistlines, soften the effects of large frames and ensure a cohesive, put-together look. Properly pleated pants help reduce bulging at the waist to create a trimmer look. A well-fitted jacket lies flat and hangs comfortably off the shoulders.
Jacket sleeves should fall slightly before the cuff of one’s dress shirt. Sleeves that are too short are the bane of an otherwise exquisite formal look. Then, there are the buttons. These should patent comfortably without straining. You should never wear a suit where the buttons are threatening to pop off. Our Mr. Big & Tall suits are designed for supreme comfort, fit and design. For us, it feels good to make you look good.

What Mr. Big & Tall Suits Can Do for You

Whether you need a suit for work or a special occasion, we offer well-tailored, high-quality garments that don’t cost a fortune. Choose a designer suit today that fits you well and gives you a sense of elegance. Or, select a more functional one for everyday wear, whether to the office or for semi-formal gatherings. A Mr. Big & Tall suit is carefully selected to provide the quality and style you deserve. Our Mr. Big & Tall suits are made to fit men of above-average stature and size comfortably. Visit our online store today and see how you look in a quality Mr. Big & Tall suit today.
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