Staying Comfortable This Winter Season

Winter clothing for guys follows the same base pattern. Long-sleeved shirt. Suit, if it’s a formal occasion. Maybe a sweater. Definitely a jacket or overcoat. Lots of layers stemming from the same few options. 
While these basic rules we all follow may keep you warm some days, they aren’t interchangeable enough to keep you feeling comfortable for every winter day or evening. Some days are chillier than others, and you’ll need to wield your winter accessories well to feel as good as you look all the time.

Toque About It

Never be afraid to slip a toque over your noggin, whether you’re headed into work or just out on a pleasant stroll on a brisk autumn day. Toques combine form and function so well that you should have at least a couple in your closet for when you need to protect your ears from the biting wind. Rocking a ribbed solid toque made of soft, warm yarn will have you thanking yourself whenever you’re outside for longer than a few seconds.

Thicken Up Those Socks

It’s funny how guys sometimes neglect our feet when putting together an outfit. Without them, you’d have no way to get that outfit out the door. So do your lowest extremities a favour this winter and invest in socks with thick-thick-gauge designs made of cotton or wool.

Leather Up Your Hands

Nothing makes a man’s day more miserable than trying to shake someone’s hand with a paw he can’t feel anymore because his gloves just aren’t getting their winter job done. So, upgrade! Leather styles with ribbed cuffs keep your digits warm and that icy breeze away. Pay attention to the linings, too. Sherpa linings are as soft as they are toasty. If your hands are already on the big side, try for a pair of leather driving gloves with a spandex back that expands as you flex. These offer a litheness and flexibility that will keep your hands not only warm but functional during the winter.
Get You Some Scarves
You can’t spell “winter comfort” without “scarves.” Actually, you can. But you can’t experience winter comfort without these winter must-haves. We’ve tried, but our necks just freeze. Scarves serve an important purpose: keeping your exposed neck away from the biting winds. If you’ve never worn scarves before, you’ll never want to go back after you try them. As always with accessories, they only work as well as they make you feel. Find the right fabric for you, whether it’s thick and bulky or thinner and softer. Some scarves will feel better depending on which way you decide to wear them. Whichever kind you settle on, you’ll be pleased with the function you didn’t even know you needed.
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