Styling Suits for the Winter

For big and tall men, styling for the winter might be easier than trying to style in the summer. That’s because winter weather calls for layering up your suit game, which means you’re actively trying to feel your best while looking your best. Winter style offers so many options that combine cozy warm comfort and eye-catching style.
Here are a few helpful tips for styling suits in the winter. 

Suit Pairing

Formal work attire usually calls for a suit most months. In the winter, this is especially true. When creating your suit outfit in colder weather, suit jackets in dark colours like black, grey or navy work best because they match with most of the layers you’ll be wearing.
And what might those layers be? Dark suit jackets go best with a white shirt underneath, but the jackets over both are up to you and what you feel the best in. Wool jackets and coats are always a good bet, because they’ll keep you warm on the way in to your office. For maximum comfort, try a double-collar travel coat from Daniel Hechter Paris. Whichever coat or jacket you settle on should come in simple colours that accentuate your look, not dominate it.

Accessorize and Feel Great

Winter weather is all about the accessories. (If you can’t feel your hands, you’re not going to feel as good as your outfit makes you look!) Accessories might even be the wrong word for the scarves, hats, belts and gloves you’ll need to style your suits this winter. These items should be staples in your winter outfits, ensuring you keep warm and comfy while looking absolutely dashing.
We’ll start with scarves, like this classic plaid cashmink. The soft fabric will keep you from itching as it warms your neck, while the plaid goes with just about any suit outfit you pick.
It’s also a good year to ditch the bulky leather gloves or thin, fraying wool gloves you’ve used for years and opt for something more in-between. A pair of breathable, water-resistant texting gloves pack the durability of many winters into a sleek, modern design that will kick your suit style up another notch. They’re also perfect for the busy working man of today.
Finally, you can’t go wrong with a toque in the winter. Toques are as practical as anything, and wearing one with the right shade of grey and a minimal ribbing can really tie your entire outfit together.
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