The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Suit for the Big & Tall Man

Every man is unique with their own unique build - big and tall men are our specialty. Shopping for suits can feel frustrating when the stores don't seem to carry anything that fits you the way you want it to. Stop settling for suits that don't fit quite right, despite their hefty price tags. Learn the tips and tricks all big and tall shoppers should follow when purchasing their suits. 

Find a Suit that Really Fits

Most men accidentally purchase a suit that is one or two sizes too small or large. Test the comfort of your suit by moving around in it. Sit down in the suit and make sure the crotch and jacket don't bunch up. Reach your arms up and around to ensure the sleeves aren't too short or restricting.

When chosen correctly, a suit can be a power outfit. However, if a suit doesn't fit quite right, it can leave the wearer looking and feeling uncomfortable. Never settle for a fit that's "close enough".

Big Men Should Choose Suit Colours Carefully

Bold colours and prints can attract attention to an area. For example, a bright tie can draw attention to the stomach area. For men that consider themselves to be on the "big" side, it's generally best to wear dark or neutral colours. Purchase premium suits in blues, blacks and greys. An added benefit is that darker colours can be quite slimming and flattering.

Vests Are the Big Man's Secret Weapon

Men's vests can be a fun way to add layers and a new look to a suit. Additionally, men's vests are very flattering for anyone who wants to hide their stomach. When choosing a vest, ensure it's appropriately tapered at the sides. Take the outfit one step further by adding some unique details, such as a watch on a chain in the pocket.

Tall Men Should Embrace Horizontal Stripes

The tall man doesn't want this one feature to define him at a party. To be more than just the tall man, consider wearing bold, horizontal prints on items such as their blazers or ties. The bold print serves to be memorable and unique, and horizontal stripes can balance out the extreme height of the wearer.

The Double-Breasted Suit for the Tall & Thin Man

Men who are tall and thin may want to add some thickness to their build. An easy fix is wearing a double-breasted suit or a great-fitting vest underneath the suit jacket to add layers. This serves to widen the torso and give a more filled-out frame.

Suit Jackets: Shoulders First

Found a suit jacket that looks amazing on you but doesn't fit quite right? There is a solution. Purchase the jacket so the shoulder seams line up, and the rest can be tailored to fit. Many stores will offer alterations in-house so the customer leaves satisfied.

Mr. Big & Tall Understands All Body Sizes

A suit is a long-term investment. Weddings, business functions, and various special occasions all call for suits. When a man chooses the right suit, he can get more than his money's worth out of it. If a man purchases an outfit that doesn't fit well, he's less likely to wear it. And, he will just go back to find something else to wear.

Stop your search at the department stores and become a big and tall shopper.

Mr. Big & Tall can dress both big (fuller-waisted, average height men) and tall sizes (men 6'3" and up with waists narrower than their chest). And, if we can't find a customer's size, alterations are available upon request.

Stop settling for suits that aren't perfect for your body shape. Mr. Big and Tall still offers all the popular brands and styles of the department stores, just in a wider variety of sizes. And, we're so confident in the quality of our products, we offer 30-day returns online or in-store.

Purchase at least one Mr. Big & Tall item today to see the difference proper fit can mean to your look and your confidence! With the flexible return policy, your purchase is virtually risk-free!

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