Style Trends for Big & Tall Men

Be Broad and Bold

Big and tall guys may not have an issue with the first part but being bold is a tough task for most guys of all walks of life. 
Luckily, the fashion trends are encouraging everyone to lean into some bulk a little more. Jackets and coats of tactile fabrics – wool, fleece – are back in a big way, and many of the suits you’ll see on the street this year should have well-defined shoulders. So, in 2019, don’t waste time hunting for the slim-fits that might look great but make you uncomfortable. Slide into the trends made for you.

Be Functional

Soldiers in World War I wore scarves. Yep, the comfy accessory once considered flamboyant is not only back in style in a big way but one of the most useful fashion items in history.
It took a while, but fashion trends are finally embracing the idea that practicality can look pretty good. Those coats that caught your eye probably have quality inline fabric to keep you warm. “Athleisure” is a thing. If it seems good to wear this year, odds are it won’t leave you wanting for more.

Shoes Matter

2019 is the year to let your feet make the statement.
Unfortunately, some people expect larger men to dress sloppily – shoes being the common culprit. Fortunately, this is the year to let your shoewear issue the strict rebuttals for you.
There are a few ways to do this. First, you can invest in some leather shoes for your dress wear. New Italian leather stands out more than the dress shoes other men have worn for years. You can also jump on the casual trend and wear tennis shoes to different kinds of outings. Just make sure they go with the outfit. Try on a new, slick jacket, some light-washed jeans and a buttoned-up shirt for that casual-yet-professional look balance anchored by your tennis shoes.

Brown Is Fine

Two years ago, “fine” meant “you could do better” when it came to brown. Now? Brown is fine.
From jackets to sweaters to suits, brown is the gateway to color throughout your outfit. Unlike black or navy, brown enhances the brighter shades and shadows throughout your attire. Invest in a couple of brown-hued items this year, and you’ll be surprised how the rest of your clothing pops.
From the monochrome outfit idea, this, instead of making your entire outfit one color, revolves around different tones of the same color.
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