5 Crucial Summer Accessories for Men

Far too often, men overlook the importance of their accessories. Details matter though, whether you're going on a first date or enjoying a day on the beach. A watch, a hat, or a pair of sunglasses play a role in helping craft the overall message your outfit conveys. 


Sunglasses earned a top spot on the list because they can completely morph a man's style. If you evaluate men's looks in Hollywood throughout the years, sunglasses have remained a staple. They're also highly functional, as some are UVA and UVB resistant. We advise you to take time to try on different sizes, shades and shapes to find one that complements your face best.


Hats can pull an entire look together. Wide-brimmed hats are the accessory of choice this summer for both younger and older men alike. Ideally, you want to select a straw hat. They breathe well, and they align better with the season's vibe than other types. Hats also are functional as they protect your scalp, face, and ears from the sun's harsh rays.

Open-Toed Shoes

Sneakers are versatile enough for any season, but a pair of open-toed shoes are stylish and comfortable and have that summer appeal. Although rubber flip-flops are more cost-efficient and available in more colors, you should search for a heavier-duty option in leather. You get the benefit of a cool summer look with the breathability of open-toed shoes. They're one of the essential men's summer accessories.

No-show Socks

While you can go sockless, you put yourself at risk of blisters. Plus, socks control moisture and help wick away sweat. However, they're not always visually appealing with your Mr. Big and Tall outfit. With no-show socks, you get the benefit of protection without the downfall of socks showing. No-show socks create a tidy look while still serving a purpose. These socks work well with boat shoes and loafers.


A watch gives your Mr. Big and Tall outfit something special. Whether it's a chronograph or a leather strap, it's easy to find a watch to enhance any outfit. When choosing one of these men's summer accessories, you may discover one that works with casual or formal wear. Not to mention, a watch is useful in addition to being stylish.

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