End of Summer Style: Your Wardrobe's Transition

The final day of summer is less than one month away, and a man's wardrobe must evolve with the seasons. Wardrobes need to accommodate the new climate and play off the distinct hues in the environment. You simply can't, and shouldn't, wear your summer clothes into the fall and the winter seasons. So, it's important to analyze your end of summer style and start considering which men's fall clothes to purchase. 

Changing Temperatures

As the summer winds down and fall begins, temperatures will change. The days are still hot, but the nights begin to cool, which can bring indecisiveness in what to wear. This is why you can't just transition straight into fall clothing. End of summer style is when you're not ready for wool blazers but can't rely on light clothing at night either.
A pair of durable chinos are the perfect choice for the end of summer. The weight of chino material is excellent for the intermediate period we're currently in. They'll keep you warm when it's cold, and they're light enough to be breathable when it's hot out.
Also, consider purchasing a Henley shirt, which is an incredibly versatile piece. This fall staple can be dressed up or kept casual. It can give its wearer a preppy, yet slightly athletic look. The Henley shirt is a particularly flattering item for bigger guys. As the temperatures drop, you can even change from wearing short-sleeve Henley's to long-sleeved options.
Lastly, consider layering your outfits during this transitional period. Layers will give your style more dimension and help beat nippy winds. And, layers let you experiment with fun color combinations and mixing patterns.

Seasonal Colors

Each season has a particular color palette. Typically, when you think of fall, you consider warmer colors such as burnt orange and olive green. For your end of summer style, you may still have many pops of colors within your outfit. As fall approaches, the amount of bright colors will diminish. A great fall outfit will have a base of neutral dark colors, and then a pop of color. For example, a great fall look can be brown pants, a brown cardigan, and dark orange socks. An important note to keep in mind is to wear seasonal colors that compliment your skin tone. Just because burnt orange is a great fall color, doesn't mean its the best choice for every person.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Don't forget to consider your shoe options. You should start swapping your sneakers and boat shoes for boots and brogues soon. These shoes will also be more compatible with your new fall clothing choices. A nice leather boot or a desert boot will pair nicely with almost any type of outfit.

Mr. Big and Tall

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