5 Fall Must Haves for the Big & Tall Man

Fall in 2018 is a time to match comfort and style. Between warm jackets, slimming plaid, and bold colours, big & tall men’s clothing is trending to complete the modern man’s wardrobe. You don’t need to abandon your style to stay comfortable, with Mr. Big & Tall, we work with you to find the right fit for your comfort, while always ensuring you look great. 

Jackets, Obviously

Jackets are always a big & tall man’s best friend, but that’s especially so during the fall season as the temperature dips. This autumn, make a point to stand out with an upgraded jacket game. Heading to work on a blustery, chill autumn morning? Throw on a wool-blend charcoal topcoat to hit that right balance of professional, stylish and comfortable.

While we’ve got you thinking of strolling into work, we’ll also point out that the fall is a wonderful time to stroll around the town before the winter weather and snow fully take over. Whether you’re on a date or just enjoying some fresh air on the weekends, a mock-neck cardigan is the way to go this year. If you know the weather dives pretty quickly into winter chills where you live, you can’t go wrong with a micro-suede stroller jacket to be both cozy and fashionable.

Plaid …

… is never bad, especially in the fall. It’s a style that just won’t go away, and that will be perfectly fine for anyone who notices you rocking some nice plaid colours this fall. We recommend investing in long-sleeved plaid shirts for two reasons. First, the weather. Always keep the fall and upcoming wintery weather in mind! The summer is gone, so you’re likely getting ready to retire your short sleeves for the next few months.

Plus, there’s just something about a guy wearing rolled-up plaid sleeves in the fall that feels right. It’s a style you can’t define but know will look good this time of year.

Solid Colours Demand Contrasts

Just like big & tall men should select outfits that complement their frames and allow them to feel their best, big & tall men’s fashion generally matches colours with the seasons. Look around! Everyone is wearing darker colours. You should join the crowd and then step right out with some contrast mixed in.

The darker colours don’t have to be solid! Take this Fair Isle sweater, for instance. The darker colour stands out but then breaks up around the contrast. That’s a great look that keeps you looking fresh all autumn.

Stripes Are In

If you’re a fashion-forward big & tall man, you already know that stripe prints can make or break your look. This is your chance to shine. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of this trend, too. Henley clothing makes good use out of minimal striping, from sweaters to long-sleeve shirts.

Get a Leg Up!

When you’re shopping for big & tall clothing, don’t dismiss your style below the belt. Fall fashion trends demand your pants’ attention as well, and many of the style tips we’ve gone over here fly for bottoms.

Don’t let the dip in weather keep you from your workout routines. These jogger pants from Nortek combine functionality with the colour and stripe trends making waves this autumn.

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