Hockey Season is In Full Swing! Are You?

Winter is the best time of the year for sports fans. Basketball, hockey and football are all well underway, leaving guys like you with plenty of options to choose from when planning an evening out after work or on the weekends that will be filled with sports-watching.  

However, when it comes to clothing, winter is a challenging time of year for sports fans. More specifically, the sports fan who likes to rock his team’s logo and colours at every game he attends. It’s winter! It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll just stroll up to the arena or stadium in a t-shirt or jersey without turning into a popsicle by the time you reach your seat. 
So, you’ll have to layer up over that proud tee of yours. Don’t worry: we have a few tips to help you show off your team’s colours while feeling warm, comfy and cozy inside and outside the rink. 

Step 1: Get Yourself Some New Threads

If you’re a lifelong fan, it’s possible you’re still wearing the same old t-shirt you got ten years ago for free. No doubt your team has turned its roster over since then, and it’s time you did the same with your apparel roster. Find yourself a great collection of old-school style team logo shirts to choose from so you can feel fresh from the stands while your shirt screams your fan authenticity from the rafters. 

Step 2: Get Yourself A Zip-Up Jacket

If you’re lucky, and the weather isn’t too chilly, this can be the single layer you wear over your team’s threads. The zip-up is key, since you can keep warm on the walk from your car to the arena and then go full Clark Kent once inside and reveal your glorious team crest before the first whistle. The best of both worlds!

We actually suggest going with a light jacket as your first layer over your team t-shirt. You can shed extra layers at your seat so you don’t get too toasty, and it’s easy to slip out of if you find you don’t need a jacket inside at all. And if you’re aiming for style points at this game, the best jacket is the one with a complimentary colour to your t-shirt colour, which should scream for attention after every scoring play.

Step 3: Ignore Steps 1 & 2

… and rock a team jacket instead! The team jacket is the best of both worlds when it gets really cold outside. You can shed that classy heavy layer for your team’s best colours at your seat, ensuring you look and feel comfy and classy no matter what the outcome is.
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