A Big & Tall Man Summer Look

Big and tall men no longer need to dread the summer, when they have to shed the layers and dress more lightly. The plethora of options available to big and tall customers makes summer clothing more exciting than exposing these days.

The key, as always, is knowing what to look for. If you do, you can start thinking of summer as a chance to try out something new and comfortable. 


Remember when prints were in back in the early 2000’s and every person you knew had something ironic or witty on their t-shirts? Remember how that died about five years later?

Well, they’re back. Specifically, they’re back in a big way this summer with big and tall men’s shirts.

We know what you’re thinking: Hallelujah! It’s finally the time to break out your nerdy shirt collection again. But graphic tees aren’t the only prints making summer waves. It’s also a good time for all kinds of tee shirt styles, particularly those with brighter colors and verticality. In a word: it’s a good summer to stand out.

What to look for

Now that you’re up on the current style of summer shirts, you should hone your secondary shirt-hunting skills. Big and tall shirts should usually have stretch fabric. A stale-feeling shirt on a larger man is never comfortable, no matter how good it looks. And the stretch fabric is a lighter, more summer-friendly fare.

Layering in the summer is actually a decent idea. Don’t let your inner voice tell you otherwise. Find that light t-shirt with a big, colorful print and toss a light (and I mean light) jacket or button down shirt over it.

The bottoms lines

Time to get rid of your cargo pants anyway, friends. They add bulk that big and tall men just don’t need, especially in the summer. Instead, invest in a pair of chinos. The fabric is both flexible and lightweight and the waistbands generally come with elasticity. They’re perfect for the end of summer: you can wear them freely as you transition out of the heat and into the autumn weather. They also go great with just about any shirt you can think of.

Tall guys should work to avoid highlighting their lanky appearance, which means any shorts you buy need to end able or at the knee. Balance out your day in shorts with a long-sleeve top. If you wear long-sleeve pants, wear a short-sleeved shirt. Balance is everything.

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