Colours to Rock for Summer

Why Does Your Wardrobe Change with the Seasons?

As seasons change, so your garments and the hues your style incorporates. It’d be a shame to look drab when your clothes could complement the deep oranges of the fall or the light pastels of the summer. The summer and its fashion trends allow for a level of expression like none other. It accommodates a varied palette of colours that any eager fashionista can explore. At Mr. Big and Tall, we encourage our customers to take advantage of this and trust us to help them craft elegant summer looks.

­­What Makes Certain Colours “Summer Colours”?

Major players in colour trends, e.g. the Pantone Institute, assess different shades and iterations of our favorite colours. These experts then examine these colours’ different characteristics thoroughly. Once they’re done deliberating, the chosen few are deemed “summer colours’ by the colour experts and the fashion forward. Below we have a few examples of these colours:


This bright, incandescent colour is a mishmash of red and orange hues on a single palette. It’s a dynamic colour that communicates the joy and vibrance of the summer. For such a loud colour, it’s extremely versatile and isn’t out of place on formal wear or loungewear. The undertones of this colour can’t be downplayed; it’s an immediate attention-getter. Absolutely perfect for the summer.

Sweet Lilac

As the name states, the colour is gentle, supple and light. It combines lilac and lavender to bring forth a colour that’s a little effeminate but charming enough to be worn by men. After all, real men wear pink, right? This sleek colour never looks out of place in the summer – whether it’s a beach party or a hot date.

Aspen Gold

Here’s a colour that never fails to light up everything around it. With its undeniable undertones of happiness and pleasure, it’s the ultimate complement to the Sun’s rays. An Aspen Gold-coloured item adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. You should look to match it with either light

Living Coral

Nestled comfortably in between orange and pink is living coral. A warm, vivid tone that accentuates the carefree vibe of the summer. It’s a colour that radiates self-confidence but looks extremely welcoming. It’s perfect for casual outfit – looks impeccable when worn with black or blue jeans.
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