Keys to Plus-Size Men's Fashion

All body types look good and your individual sense of style can make yours look better. Many of the same style principles that apply to slim men also apply to the broader-bodied men. In fact, one could say that fashion pays very little attention to size. However, there are subtler distinctions plus-size men must consider when crafting stylish looks for themselves. Below, we’ve provided a few tips that will go a long way in helping bigger boys become snazzier dressers.

Find the Right Fit

Here at Mr. Big and Tall, we preach one key principle to our clients – your clothes’ fit can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Allow us to explain. Many men, in an effort to hide their physique, wear overly baggy clothes. However, this works against them in many ways. Many are quick to attribute stereotypes of laziness and sloppiness to larger men. Thus, you understand why looking disheveled and haphazard in a shirt that’s two sizes too big does you no favors. All those bulges and wrinkles will do your figure no favors. Finding the perfect fit is all about striking a balance. While you don’t want your clothes to be so loose that they droop, you also don’t want them so tight that they pinch and cause discomfort. Never forget that when you’re crafting your next stylish look that fit is a friend not a foe. Embrace your build and let your style play into it.

Avoid Heavy Horizontal Patterns

Heavy men should avoid horizontal patterns that stretch over their physiques. They only serve to make them appear bigger than they are. Instead, they should invest in vertical patterns as they create a slimming effect. Vertical patterns and their ability to create thinner silhouettes should make them a mainstay in the wardrobes of more ample-bodied men.

Switch from Belts to Suspenders

For girthier gentlemen, belts can draw a lot of attention to your waistlines. You don’t want to look like you’re fastening a collar around a dodgeball, do you? In that case, moving forward we recommend opting for suspenders. They’ll let your pants hang more elegantly instead of having them bunch up at the top like a belt would. However, wearing suspenders now means you’ll now have to find pants with internal anchors in them. Keep in mind, these are a little costlier, but their superior quality and swank should make up for it. If push comes to shove, you can always get your tailor to install some or you could get some metal clamp suspenders. Regardless of what choice you make, you’ll add a key fashion essential that’s invaluable to any plus-sized man’s wardrobe.

Purchase Dress Shirts with Spread Collars

When it comes to plus-sized men’s clothing, spread collar dress shirts should be a go-to. If you’re a fuller-faced man, your head tends to look disproportionate in shirts with more squared collars. We cannot neglect the importance of fit and proportion when styling broader-bodied fellers. Most brands designate 'spread' label to any shirt with a separation greater than 90 degrees between the collar points. However, some are more spread than others. Spread collars also give its wearers the freedom to tie bigger necktie knots. Be careful, tying a smaller knot on a spread collar shirt will make you look extremely awkward.

Leave Tailored Shirts Untucked

This rule applies more so for casual settings. A single plane fabric over the stomach draws far less attention to the waistline than all the bunched-up fabric a tuck would. An untucked shirt helps plus-size men achieve a flattering, stylish appearance. Shirts with round, even hems drape perfectly over trousers making them an ideal complimentary piece for men's plus size fashion.
Properly styling as a plus-size man is not difficult. It calls for a certain level of honesty with your figure and patience when you’re looking for the right clothes. Buy plus size men's clothing using the tips above and get a style that suits you, make you look stylish, neat, and well-built regardless of your shape and size.
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