Differences Between regular jeans & jeans made for tall men?

If you’re a tall guy in the market for new jeans, the assumption might be that the difference between regular and tall styles is simply size or a baggier fit.
Toss that assumption out the window! There’s a whole lot more to jeans styles than waist or leg sizes and the kind of fit style. There are a few important distinctions to look out for when looking for jeans for tall guys.

The pockets should be wider and deeper

You can probably measure for yourself to be sure. Most jeans made specifically for men are about 11 inches deep at least. And the pocket openings are sewn with the possibility of bigger hands in mind. If you go to try on a pair of jeans you think are for tall men, make sure to try out the pockets. It’s a huge tell. If pocketing your hands is like fishing behind for keys behind a cabinet then you’re not wearing the right kind of tall jeans.
(Don’t ask us why we lost our keys behind a cabinet once. It was a long day.)

Zipper tags should be larger

If you ever feel down about having to buy bigger clothes than other men, take this one as a win. The ten seconds most men spend a week trying to unfold the tiny zipper tag from under that flap of fabric is a special kind of hell, and one you won’t ever have to experience again if you’re shopping for the right tall jeans. The zipper tags should be visible, big and easy to use. We’re not bitter or anything.

The fabric should feel durable

Not too thick, of course, unless you’re planning on using them outside a lot. But the truth is big & tall men tend to wear out clothing more quickly because there’s just more fabric to be worn out. Fabric durability is tough to judge, but you can take two different feels and ask an employee for their opinion or just try them on yourself and make an educated guess.
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