Hoodies As A Fashion Staple

Hoodies have moved from the locker room and onto the runway as designers take a cue from casual society. In the hands of top fashion clothiers, hoodies are now crafted from high-end materials, cut into slimmer fits, and borrow from more dynamic and ambitious style cues. At Mr. Big & Tall, we've added hoodies to our collection to help you look your best this fall. 

Hoodies Are Not Just for the Gym Anymore

Hoodies are now a ubiquitous fashion staple because of their comfort and versatility. Because of their sporty roots, hoodies were often worn for athletics-related activities like working out or playing sports. Now with top new-and-improved versions of their predecessors, you can enjoy their coziness or use them to make a fashion statement. Well-made, stylish hoodies are surprisingly versatile. For example, they’re perfect for social activities and – depending on where you work – the office.

Wearing Hoodies in a High-Low Style

The classic approach of wearing a hoodie with jeans and sneakers is a tad mundane. After all, it's not the only combination available. The new approach to sporting a hoodie is to pair it with another clothing item to dress it up a bit. One way to do this is to wearing a jacket, blazer or long coat with a hoodie. You can also pair a hoodie with dress slacks and dressy shoes. This trend is called a high-low combination, which is a type of formal-casual blend. The newer styles of hoodies don't look out of place with dressy clothes.

Check Out Our Hoodies!

If you find yourself leaving the big and tall section of other stores feeling disappointed, you're in for a surprise. Our selection here at Mr. Big & Tall is stylish and looks great. Our hoodies are no exception. We carry top brands like Projek Raw, Ocean Earth, and Buffalo. Don't let the name Ocean Earth fool you. Our Ocean Earth hoodies won't make you look like a surfer. The hoodies we carry are made with thicker, higher quality material than what other big & tall companies stock.

Visit Mr. Big & Tall Today

Whether you want to add to your collection of hoodies or buy your first trendy hoodie, Mr. Big & Tall is at your service. We offer well-tailored, well-made, head-turning quality that will make you feel fashionable no matter what your size. Choose a hoodie that is stylish, trendy, fits well, and is, above all, comfortable. Mr. Big & Tall hoodies are made to fit men of above-average size and stature comfortably. Visit our Mr. Big & Tall online store today and find out how you can add the new high-low hoodie style to your wardrobe.
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