Get A Head-Start on Spring

We know you’ve been eyeing that empty pool for months now. Until the weather warms up, though, you’ll have to make do with imagining swimming laps.
Let us help you with that by giving you some new swimwear options for 2019. The charcoal-teal patterns on these trunks from Britches look great and fit the “break up the body” aesthetic most big and tall guys desire. The same goes for these colorful trunks from Britches. The horizontal lines give us some major retro vibes we hope you’ll love.

Get Active or Just Lounge

You do you, but we have a few ideas for how to do it this year based on our new athleisure items. Britches’ color block comes in a polo and a crew neck t-shirt that could fit nicely with jogging pants. Activewear is all about comfort, so seeing a guy wearing activewear in style is just a bonus. You’ll look great and feel great whether you’re out and about or just trying to cozy up at home.

Polos for Every Occasion

Our casual wear got a massive influx of patterns, colors, and tastes recently. Any of them would make a great addition to your closet by the time spring and summer roll around.
Want some lighter colors this year? Britches’ cotton polos come in mix and match colors and patterns so well we’re sure you’ll find just what you know you’ve been missing. Many of these new polos are made with your convenience in mind. Take this easy-care plaid or this two-in-one sport shirt and tee. Comfort and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

That Goes for Legs, Too

It’s generally a good idea to get some new underwear into the rotation every so often. If your turn in the rotation is up soon, Nortek’s boxer briefs combine a classic look with a cozy fit.
The same philosophy fits these stretch casual pants from Daniel Hechter Paris well, too. The dark color is elegantly professional, but the fabric and fit exudes relaxation.
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