How to Wear Clothes for Bigger Guys

There are plenty of stereotypes about large men. That's why style is even more important for big and tall guys.

For those who can't find what they need at a department store, Mr. Big & Tall can help. Keep reading to learn seven must-know style tips for large men who want to look great. 

Get the Right Fit

The way clothes fit is the primary factor of quality. Bulges and sagging clothes make large men look sloppy. Some large men tend to dress in clothing that is too big for them. instead of downplaying their physique. This emphasizes flaws that they'd rather hide. Clothes that fit are also much more comfortable, which can increase confidence.

Clothes should lay lightly on the body without hugging it or producing folds of extra cloth. Mr. Big & Tall can alter clothes to accommodate your body. So, if you need to hem your trousers or have a shirt taken in, these are relatively cheap fixes. They can make the difference between off-the-rack fit and a stylishly tailored wardrobe.

Dress Simply

Large men look great when patterns are minimal. Choosing broad, solid blocks of color complements a larger frame. Longer outerwear in basic patterns accentuates a long figure and reducing the visual impact of a few extra pounds. Solid or lightly striped dress shirts also emphasize height rather than width.

Avoid Sweatpants and Sweaters

So, there are times when men want to wear sweatpants, such as running or jogging. But they won't ever flatter a large physique. The problem lays in soft, undefined outlines that make taller, large men resemble a blob. The same goes for knit sweaters. If it's cold outside practicality may take priority but doesn't produce any style points.

Wear Suspenders Instead of Belts

Wearing a belt with a round stomach won't keep pants in place. They slip and slide and are uncomfortable. Instead, suspenders do the job beautifully and add elegance to business and casual suits.

What Pants Should Look Like from the Knee Down

Here's how pants should fit. A slight taper from the knee down adds a polished look. However, pooling fabric on top of shoes ruins the look. It's worth the time and effort to have trousers altered for a smart fit. A tailored line with no break makes large men look slimmer.

Go with Spread Collars

Men with larger faces should go with spread collars that keep the face proportional. They also provide plenty of room to tie a necktie with a full Windsor knot. Pair it with a larger tie rather than a thin one with a tiny knot for best results.

A Hat Tops off Any Look

Adding a hat turns casual or dress clothing into a look. It also provides additional vertical space for larger men that are height-challenged.

Shop at Mr. Big & Tall to find big sizes for those with a fuller-waist and average height. We also cater to tall men over 6'3" with waists that are narrower than their chest. The clothes you buy here will change your look, your confidence, and your life. Review our generous return policy for online and in-store purchases.

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