Maintain Your Strength in Warmth & Comfort

Feeling uncomfortable at the gym almost defeats the point of going. You should be focused on how good it feels to be exercising, on those sweet moments when you push even a little further than you thought you could.
It’s just hard to do that when your mind is constantly keeping inventory of the ways your clothes aren’t fitting well or how cold you are in the gym today. So it’s good you’re here, looking around for ways to plan ahead for the winter workout months! Here’s a handy way to layer up and forget about everything but feeling good in the gym this winter. 

Base Layer

Remember the phrase: moisture-wicking. Athletic shirts for big and tall guys should almost always come with that feature built-in, since it’s the layer closest to your skin and responsible for keeping the hard-earned sweat from making you feel gross.
Moisture-wicking isn’t the only feature you should hone in on for your base shirt layer. Make sure your shirt fits comfortably, too. It should stretch and move as limberly as you will as you work out. A shirt that’s too tight can ruin workouts quickly.
Your base layer of pants should follow similar rules! These dri-fit pants from Nortek are a good way to maximize mobility and warmth in your quest to be as comfortable as possible during your workout.


That’s right, guys. It’s time to break out the fleece.
Fleece is the best friend of anyone trying to maintain some exercise as the weather gets chilly. A pair of fleece pants or a fleece shirt aren’t enough to keep you warm by themselves, but pair them with the base layer we just talked about and you will be set to go until spring.
Mr. Big & Tall has a wide selection of fleece activewear pants and hoodies. We’re particularly fans of Projek Raw’s terry fleece jogger pants; they absorb heat and sweat, and their colour blocking will make you stand out in a great way at the gym.

Shell Out

… for an outer layer or two that can let you branch out of the gym and on to some hiking or bike trails this winter, too.
The key for any hoodie or jacket is, of course, mobility. It can even be more important than the other layers, depending on how often you like to exercise outdoors. So take your time shopping for the right fit, one that doesn’t restrict your arm movement or make you feel like a cloud on running shoes. Wool-lined jackets can provide the same warmth as a big parka without the bulk, and a full-zip hooded jacket like this one from Nortek can keep the bulk where you need the warmth most without restricting you too much.
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