Revive Your Style in the New Year

Why head into the new year with resolutions to meet when you can head in resolving to spruce up your suit game? 
2019 is the year you’re going to look and feel your best out there. Yes, the finest clothing can be hard to nail down for big and tall men.

Brighten up your work style this year

There’s no reason to wear the same white dress shirts to work this year. You’ve got a bright personality and might as well let your wardrobe reflect it even during the most mundane days of the work week.
We’re willing to bet your closet has a distinct lack of blue and nautica shades in it. So pick out a button-down cotton dress shirt with both! It’s an eye-catcher for all the right reasons. Don’t stop there. There’s a collection of grey & blue hues, patterns and white-centric palette splashes waiting for you to dress up in.

Use Illusion

A simple tweak from wearing loose-fitting clothes to more form-fitting ones can make a world of difference in your suit game this year. That doesn’t mean a smaller size. It means less bagginess and more straight-styles that lightly rest on your body. You’ll be surprised at how slim it makes you look and feel.

Tailor Up

Nobody has a perfectly balanced figure, but big and tall men may vary more in where the size rests on their body (waist, shoulders, chest, etc). A well-tailored suit solves this problem in two ways.
First, a single-breasted suit with a low button creates a leaner, more vertical look that makes a large guy look a lot leaner. And the squareness of suits gives you a neat, sharp symmetry. Any trousers you wear should be non-pleated to erase heftiness.
Find yourself a tailor you can trust this year, and you’ll find this 2019 change will pay off for years to come.

Accessorize This Year

If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to start adding complimentary pieces to your suit game. Simple cufflinks, watches and pocket squares are essential to both break up the outfit a bit while letting your choices speak for themselves.
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