Stay Styling This Winter

Jackets. Overcoats. Long-sleeves. Suits. Sweaters. Looking good in the winter is easier for big and tall men because everyone is running the same playbook. All that’s left to you is to figure out what feels the best and makes you stand out from the crowd.
That’s where winter accessories come in and shine. Know how to get the most out of your winter accessories and you will stroll through the cold months feeling your best and looking your best.

Feet First

Don’t just wear socks. Wear the right ones. Fabric that’s a little thicker than your run-of-the-mill socks will make a noticeable difference. This is also a good time of the year to pair warm socks with a pair of boots you can wear outside or in the office. That little-added bulk will go a long way to making your feet feel cozy.

Go Out in Layers

You’ll want to stay warm and light on your feet for some after-work function. A good combo here is starting thin with a long-sleeve top and layering a sweater over it. Top it off with a top coat and you’re all set! 


If you’re on the phone a lot, you might be tempted to buy fingerless gloves to use your phone outdoors. It’s actually pretty hard to type with frozen fingers! Instead, invest instead in a pair of gloves made of thin leather and warm insulation. Perfect for driving, easy to slip on and off if you need to type in the snow. Bonus points if they’re a pair of texting gloves with special fabric on the fingers.

Scarves Are the Final Piece

Looking good and feeling good in the winter is best defined by a big and tall man’s scarf. It’s the extra layer of warmth in the winter you never knew you needed, and the final piece of your classy outfit puzzle you absolutely deserve. Scarves come in a few different fabrics, so it’s really about which one feels right for you. A woven plaid scarf is like knitted heaven on your neck, and a cashmink scarf is soft and neutral enough to go with just about anything in your wardrobe.
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