Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Go Somewhere

Both of you might be sick of the city date on Valentine’s Day, what with crowds and traffic and general bustle
Make the trek a bit further than your average couple. We know what you’re thinking. “They’re suggesting we go camping in this weather?” Not at all! Getting out of town for a date doesn’t mean setting up tents and fighting off wildlife. It could mean a day trip to a nearby city you haven’t been to before or an evening event like a local stargazing party. You’d be surprised how welcome a change of scenery can be for a Valentine’s Day date.
No matter where your “Go Somewhere” date takes you both, you should be dressed for the part. You’ll want to spruce up your jeans collection just in case you both take a liking to your excursion dates. We recommend something versatile like US Polo’s active stretch jeans that combine comfort and style when you’re out and about.

Get Some Theatre in Your Life

Movies are played out for dates and with good reason. There’s something passive about watching a movie in the theater with someone. Probably something to do with popcorn getting thrown at you for talking.
That’s the great thing about going to see live theater performances: the audience – as in, you and your partner – can engage better with the performance. Whether a big-stage performance, community theater production, or a one-person act in that bar tucked away off the corner, a live performance will make for a great Valentine’s Day date.
Of course, it’s theater, so you’ll need to dress up a bit. Don’t worry about a full suit for this one, however. You want to look great but feel great on a date, and dressing in separates – a neat blazer and tailored pants, for example – is the way to go. If it’s chilly, a sport coat is the classy-yet-comfy final layer to your evening.

Host A Game Night

Spending Valentine’s Day with other couples can be kind of intimidating, right? A great way to include your friends in your big plans is to plan around what you’re most comfortable with.
If board or video games are your things, try hosting a game night! You could cook or order-in, and aside from deciding on which games to play, this date idea is a low-pressure, high-enjoyment way to spend the evening with your partner and some friends.
The best part? You don’t have to dress up. You can enjoy the comfort of your own home without looking sloppy. Throw on a sharp Henley long-sleeve shirt and a pair of chinos, and you’ll be good to go.
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