The Five Best Belts Available From Mr Big and Tall

Britches 100% Crinkled Leather Belt

This 100% leather, made in Canada belt is perfect for complimenting any pair of trousers, and while it won't necessarily work with dresswear, it will still let you pull off the smart look. There are no concrete rules when it comes to wearing a casual belt, so let your imagination run wild! Rest assured that you won't be sacrificing style for comfort when you choose this belt. 

Britches 100% Web Belt

When you choose woven leather, such as this belt by Britches, it's ideal for adding a much-needed spark of texture to a pair of shorts over the summertime. They also help build a very "classic" look when worn with a linen suit. Of course comfort is paramount when it comes to buying big and tall clothing, and you'll be pleased to know that's exactly what you get from this belt - without losing out on style!

Britches Belt Stitch Brown

When it comes to belts, there's only two colours you should consider - black and brown. Brown is undeniably the more casual looking of the two, this distressed, genuine leather offering from Britches is perfect for when you want to go for a more relaxed look. You should always put a little thought into how colours might match. A brown belt like this would go really well with denim and navy, but brown and black don't look as good together.


Britches 100% Leather Chevron Belt

This high quality 100% leather belt, is well made and a perfect match to your dress pants. While silver, is a perfectly acceptable finish for a belt buckle, it's important that the material matches any other heavy metal you're wearing, such as your watch or cufflinks. This awesome belt certainly doesn't lose any style points on the quest for perfect, unencumbered comfort.


Signature Carrington Fancy Suspenders

While technically not a belt, you still can't go wrong with this charming set of suspenders by Signature Carrington. With a custom fit and adjustable length, these suspenders prove simple style is the best. Suspenders definitely add a little sophistication to the look and shroud you entire outfit in a charming, old-school flair.

A Small Donation When You Shop With Mr Big and Tall

When you shop with Mr Big and Tall for all of your big and tall clothing needs, you can donate $20 to the Fight to End Cancer campaign and receive a stylish, free tie clip.
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