Useful Gifts for Dad: Fathers Day Edition

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Big and Tall Men

Father's day is about celebrating your dad, it's his day. If you're looking for a wonderful gift that'll make sure he knows that he is the best dad in the world, and that he means a lot to you, Mr Big and Tall has a ton of stylish gear that he's sure to love. Whatever he's into, whether it's casual wear, active wear, or something a bit smarter, we've got a huge range of items for you to browse. There's tons of Father's day gift idea and sure to be something that you know your dad will love. 

Ties Should ALWAYS Compliment the Shirt and Jacket

If you purchased your dad a shirt and jacket to match his favourite tie, he'd be furious and tell you that that's like painting your garage door to match your lawnmower! It makes sense to build a wardrobe by focusing your accessories and shirts to your most expensive items (suits and jackets). A simple yet stylish offering such as this jacket by Daniel Hechter Paris will work with almost anything. Because it's a neutral, solid colour you can match this perfectly with a lot. The second investment is a shirt. We have plenty of shirts for big and tall men, you can't go wrong with shirts in solid colours such as white and blue. But if your dad is a little more adventurous then you can begin to incorporate subtle colours and patterns such as pinstripes. This shirt by Jones New York in any of the three colours available will look fantastic with the Daniel Hechter Paris suit jacket, and will certainly put a huge smile on your dad's face when he receives it this Father's day. The last piece, that will really set the outfit off is the tie. We have a whole host of ties available at Mr Big and Tall. This solid textured tie from Signature Carrington will have your dad looking like the smartest man in the office. Don't forget, that if your dad enjoys showing off his personality through his ties then we have more vibrant offerings such as this silk paisley tie from Perry Ellis. It's important to keep in mind the colours and patterns of your father's jacket and shirts first though, and buy accordingly.
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