What to Wear to a Wedding

Good news! Your friend or relative is getting married and they want you to be there for the most important day of their life. Let’s hope you wear appropriate attire and don’t ruin everything! 

That feeling of anxiety we just produced is oh so familiar, right? It can be really tough to know how to dress well for any formal event with lots of people in attendance; the fact this one is a wedding can really magnify the pressure.

But don’t sweat it. Maybe you’ll luck out and get invited to a casual wedding, where you won’t be allowed in unless you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt. For everyone else, there’s a pretty standard set of guides all men can stick to to make sure they’re dressed perfectly for any wedding around the corner. And they come in just two rules!

Rule #1: You are not the main attraction

You know that old stereotype about weddings, where the bride resents her best friend forever for wearing a better dress than her to her own wedding? The same rule applies to men.

This is not the formal event to stand out at if you’re a guest, fellas. Leave those splashy colors and one-level-above-everyone-else tuxedos at home. Remember that whatever you wear should be respectful and toned down compared to the groom or anyone in the wedding party.

Rule #2: Summer/Spring vs. Fall/Winter matters

You’re going to be stuck in a rooms or outside with a lot of people for a long time, guys. Sweat could become a major factor in warmer wedding climates. This is where blazers become your friend. They’re of lighter fabric and pair with lighter-colored pants that will keep you comfortable throughout the event. Breathable might still be a requirement in the fall depending on where the wedding is, so we recommend bringing a spare tweed blazer or jacket just in case the weather is more mild than you expected.

And winter weddings are where you really need to think ahead. We recommend the extra layer of waistcoat with your suit game; you’ll be warm enough to withstand the cold but can remove the jacket if it gets too warm inside.

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