Dressing the Bigger Guy

Shopping for bigger guys is difficult. You need to find the right fit, something that makes you comfortable and that will also help your confidence. It’s a fine line to balance, right? That many factors kind of narrows the possibilities a bit. But you can widen your scope so easily by following a few rules to dressing bigger guys.   

Minimal patterns

Leave the splashy patterns and busy torso designs and scripts to the smaller guys. They need to stand out; your frame gives you the conference room floor by default. You’re ahead of the game! Besides, from an aesthetics standpoint, casual fashion with broader spaces full of solid colors go better with bigger guys anyway.  

Notice how this four button henley knit gives you the best of both worlds: a subtle pattern over a one-tone color. “But wait,” you say, “shouldn’t big and tall men avoid horizontal patterns?”  

Correct! But you can get away with something that faint and subtle and still look good. It’s the solid pattern on light base color scheme you want to stay away from. Light stripage good. Bold stripage bad.  

Lightweight and comfortable 

Nothing is more harrowing than oversweating in public. It happens, but you can make sure it doesn’t happen a lot by ensuring your wardrobe is full of lightweight clothes. Skip the denim pants and switch to fine wool trousers to keep your legs comfy and looking trim. Light fabric is also a must for your shirt collection.  

Verticality matters, even with outerwear

The magic key to dressing well as a bigger guy is verticality. Like we mentioned before, horizontal lines only accentuate your larger parts that might already make you self-conscious. So don’t lean into that; lean out with patterns and clothing that accentuate height instead.  

That goes for jackets, too. Leather will keep you warm, but avoid the broad, unpatterned leather jacket look. Instead, try out something like this with a neat fur inner collar. The north-south seams ensure you look slimmer than you did before you put it on. A micro stroller jacket with a prominent zipper-button seam flap works on the same principles. Create offsetting height with your clothing choices while ensuring you feel good while you wear them. 

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