A Big Man's Style Guide: How to Dress Well Every Day

Getting dressed should be an easy task - one that makes every big and tall man proud and confident.

But unfortunately, for many of us it wasn’t this way growing up. Who else remembers being told, “you’ll grow into it”? Well we’ve stopped growing mom, and we can’t keep buying clothes too big for us!

The most dreaded childhood fit: the XL t-shirt that wasn’t long enough. You know, the one that your aunt would get for you while on vacation. Sure we loved the thought but, man, there was too much material one way, and not enough the other way. But it could have been worse.

Luckily, many companies make clothing in the latest styles with big guys in mind. Take a look at the most recent collections from Polo Ralph Lauren or Levi’s.

Here’s a couple modern trend tips to keep you feeling comfortable and confident all day long.

Minimal Prints

In a general sense, when it comes to prints, keep it simple.

Plaids, repeating geometrics, even fun flamingoes. Simple repeating prints won’t bring too much attention to our inborn size.

That is, unless you’re Jermyn & Bond or Robert Graham. These two brands are taking louder designs that we typically see on our smaller kinfolk and adapting it for the big guys.

You know what the secret is? Finding the perfect balance between length and width to create a slimmer fit. This gets rid of the excess material we’ve dreaded our whole lives, and creates a fantastic shirt. It looks especially good if worn under a suit or sport jacket.

Stretch Your (Pant) Legs

You really want to know why many of us men love wearing gym clothes for non-gym related things? The stretchy materials.

It moves with us and doesn’t try to hold us back - unlike that one boss you had. A lot of menswear these days comes with a touch of Lycra, Elastane, or polyester. That includes denim and suits.

This low amount of stretch is enough to make your garments comfortable without chafing or restriction. Plus, it means you can opt for a modern fit, which gives you a trimmer look.

Vertical is Practical

Vertical lines will always help us look lean and strong.

Unlike horizontal lines, whose tomfoolery makes us look wider, vertical lines help elongate our frames. Just make sure that the shirt that you're wearing doesn't pass your butt - you’ll look like wallpaper.

Big Style = Big Impression

Understanding how certain styles look on you will help shave off time when shopping. This also makes getting ready every day a breeze.

Imagine reaching into your closet every day knowing that everything will look and feel great.

If you’re looking for some inspiration or even some help getting your accurate size, swing by a Mr. Big & Tall near you!

With a commitment to find the best in big and tall menswear, you’ll find what you’ve been looking for at Mr. Big & Tall. Well-made, well-tailored, and well worth the visit.

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