Big & Tall Sweater Styles to Stay Warm This Fall and Winter

Men tend to think that winter is the one season where style goes out the window, in favour of practicality. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is the time of year where donning your favourite big & tall sweaters come in.

Staying warm is the priority, and it should be. But that doesn’t mean you have to commit treason and forfeit your fashionable self-respect. Let us know how your next meeting goes in your  university sweater that still has the meatball stain on it.

But here’s some good news: you only need 4 sweater styles for everyday use.

Dressing Up - Cardigan Sweaters

Looking to add a touch of class that will complement any style? The cardigan is a great addition to any wardrobe.

This button-up sweater helps to slim your silhouette while still being versatile. Pair with denim and a white tee? No problem. Oxford shirt and chinos? Dashing.

Buttoned up or left wide open, you’ll look fashionable while rocking a piece of menswear military history.

Keeping it Casual - Crew Neck Sweaters

One of the most casual types of sweaters you can have stocked, and it's available in various weights and styles. At head office, we like to throw on a thinner merino wool sweater under our sport jacket, for a clean but casual look. No joke; swing by our office and you’d definitely see a group of people wearing this ensemble during the fall/winter months.

When the temperature hits a downturn, opt for a thicker knit. Norwegian and fisherman cable knit sweaters use a thicker wool, offering better insulation. With its natural water-repellency and moisture-wicking, it's pretty much a “do all” material. 

Perfect for any condition. Even if that condition is jumping on the couch.

V in Envy - V-Neck Sweaters

The merino v-neck sweater, a dress-casual favourite for the more temperamental months. 

Worn as a British sportswear uniform for golf, tennis, and cricket, even in the hot Caribbean sun. The lasting power of the v-neck sweater can be accredited to its adoption into normal attire.

With an opening to frame your shirt and tie, it lends itself to your favourite winter suit. If you’re looking for the perfect layer to add warmth, the v-neck sweater is for you.

European Warmth - Turtlenecks

“Il fait froid.” Is all you need to know when it’s time to pull out the sweater synonymous with Parisian and artistic class. 

In recent years, we’ve seen the re-emergence of this refined piece of menswear. Conceived during the middle ages to prevent chafing from chainmail, it was later adopted by philosophers and intellectuals throughout Europe.

With its slimming silhouette, you can throw this smart-looking sweater underneath your suit. Stand out with a bold pocket square and a pair of brogue boots.

Don’t Sweat the Sweater!

One of our earliest memories of the sweater is the comfort of our favourite cotton Champion sweatshirt. Whether that was climbing a tree, playing hockey, or riding your bike until dinner time, we were happy.

Though our schedules have changed quite a bit, the significance of the sweater remains the same: it keeps us warm when we want to feel limitless.

Every day is an opportunity to go out into the world and make the most of it. And not having to worry about staying toasty helps. 

Find your next favourite sweater at one of our locations!

Visit one of our Mr. Big and Tall stores across Canada and find what you’ve been looking for. Well-made, well-tailored, and well worth the visit.

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