Fashion Tips for The Big & Tall Men

Finding clothing as a big and tall man can be quite the journey. Finding a store with a section in your sizes can be a chore, and even then, they may not have the selection that really catches your eye. The tendency might be to settle for whatever is there and not change up your style.
You don’t have to! Never settle. Big and tall men should feel as great about their clothing as anyone else, and it’s pretty easy once you get a hang on the three big fashion tips.

Fit Above All

Comfort is important for everyone, but especially for big and tall men. Comfort is just another word for confidence and knowing the style you’re rocking won’t make you fidget all day will make all the difference.
Some of the things to look for here include baggy clothing. On bigger guys, a baggy fit only makes your profile look larger. A misunderstood fact about big and tall clothing is that they’re supposed to be over-sized on a big or tall guy. Actually, your clothes should form your contour just like any other guy’s clothing and the cloth should lay slightly on your skin instead of leaving gaps. You’ll be surprised how slimming that change will be.

Keep it simple

Tall men understand the odd imposing presence people may feel around them. Probably some leftover animal instinct from when humans shared the planet with dinosaurs. (Don’t check our science on that.) The same can be true of larger guys.
So, don’t layer up unless you’re in a blizzard. You just don’t need to. Your jackets don’t need a huge shell fabric, and your patterns don’t need to be tricked-up. Simplicity in all things is the way to go for big and tall men.

That includes the fabric

Anything that makes you sweat is something to avoid, since sweating will make you uncomfortable and wreck your confidence in your look. We know how hard it might be to re-train your brain to wear thinner fabrics; us big and tall guys may be especially self-conscious about our size and the default might be to hide your frame absolutely. Thin fabrics can make you feel your frame, which is weird.
But it’s a good shift, trust us. Thick clothing makes you look bigger than you are, and thin fabrics will actually slim you down.
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