Hoodie Style Tips | Looking Fresh From the Couch to the Streets

The hooded sweatshirt, affectionately known as “the hoodie”, has been the go-to athletic sweater for almost 100 years.

Created in the 1930s by Knickerbocker Knitting Co. (later renamed Champion) by adding a hood to their famed loopwheel sweatshirt. Originally made for tradesmen and athletes, you can find one in almost every man’s closet.

To keep this tradition alive, we’ve assembled comfortable and durable hoodies to match your lifestyle - taking you from the couch to the streets.

With its deep heritage in sportswear, we often get asked if it’s possible to casually wear a hoodie outside the gym. Yes - you don’t have to be training for your next fight like Rocky to throw on this comfortable garment.

But if winning championships is a sign of what’s to come, let’s make sure that you look good doing it.

“If I can change, you can change. Everybody can change!”
- Rocky Balboa on fashion (we think) -

Throw a Fit

As any casual and relaxed style goes, the fit is an important piece to the puzzle.

Too large, you’ll get lost in a sea of material (we know oversized hoodies are in, but even those need to be the right size). Too small, it will defeat the entire purpose of staying comfy and restrict your movement.

We know, hoodies aren’t meant for date nights or business interviews. But this level of attention showcases your confidence - even if it’s just a hoodie and jeans.

For a slimming look, keep the cut close to your natural frame. Any excess material will sag and create an unflattering silhouette.

Set the Tone

Wearing a full sweatsuit (matching hoodie and sweatpants) has been a contentious topic. Some people will think that you look like a boxer training in a freezer. Others think you’re akin to a prisoner.

But in our opinion: if the fit is right, it doesn’t matter what they think. Like these slim joggers.

We’ve seen some incredible outfits on and off the runway. This proves that it’s possible to dress smart and comfortably. 

Layer Player

Pairing a denim jacket with your favourite hoodie is a classic streetwear look. But have you tried other combinations?

Try throwing on a refined jacket on top of your hoodie.This helps to soften the overall look of a trench or overcoat while cleaning up the rest of your outfit.

We’ve even seen this pulled off with a full sweatsuit - see above point.

Finishing Touches

You know what’s great about hoodies? You can wear most accessories with them and they won’t look out of place.

Have a beautiful watch? The elastic cuffs will frame it perfectly.

Have 5 different hats? Pack them all and change throughout the day. They will all match your hoodie.

If you’d rather wear refined casual pants and a pair of oxfords with your hoodie, go for it! This is a bit of a bolder look but, with a bit of colour coordination, you’ll look fresh.

Find Your Own Style

As we like to say at Mr Big & Tall, “We want our customers to feel limitless when it comes to being themselves.” Especially when you’re being casual.

You'll feel fashionable no matter the size, with well-tailored, head-turning, quality clothes. 

So, whether you're on the hunt for your first trendy hoodie or adding to your collection, Mr. Big & Tall is here to help.

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