How to Dress for your Height | Big and Tall Mens Clothes

It’s a tall order, finding the perfect fit if you grew taller than most other guys you know. Hunting for big and tall clothing can be a nerve-wrecking exercise, but one fashion shopping concept hold as true for you as it does for anyone else: preparation.  

If you know how to dress as a big and tall guy, then half of your process is done already.  

General rules for taller guys 

Look to the horizon(tals) 

Remember that your clothes should generally compliment the outline of your body, not add to it. If you’re a bigger guy, don’t wear baggy clothing. If you’re a skinny guy, don’t wear skinny jeans.  

If you’re already a tall man, don’t wear patterns with verticality. You’ve got that part covered! Leave the vertical patterns for the short guys struggling to get by. We’re all in this together, man.  

You’re used to people looking up to you (because you’re tall and awesome, right? You’re welcome) so break up that vertical gaze with broader belts, checkered patterns or horizontal lines. 

Big and Tall, not Baggy and Dull 

Big and tall racks that offer you nothing but clothes that just hang off of your tall frame like a towel on a fencepost aren’t worth it. Step away from the rack! 

Big and tall clothes don’t have to be that way. Put another way: you don’t have to settle for those. Find a place that offers you clothes that fit well without an exorbitant price.  

Body Types 

Tall, but thin 

Layer up, my tall friend. Even if you don’t have much meat on them bones (as the kids say) then you can add the illusion of meat. Your jackets should have some bulk, your dress shirts should be checkered and your pants should trend a little wider than skinny. All about the illusion.  

Tall, but bigger 

Same concept here, but the other way.   

This is where your horizontal lines won’t help, at least if they’re prominent. In other words, the horizontal breakups and checkered patterns can still work, but they can’t be the main attraction. Use them as compliments, whether that’s with a pocket square or a jacket with wider collars. You don’t need to add bulk to your silhouette like the guys above, so take the concepts and tone them down a bit.

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