How to Look Stylish and Feel Amazing | Stylish Clothes for Big Guys

If you’re a big and tall man, then you already know the challenge of finding clothes that flatter your body and make you feel good. You’ve heard all the judgements and assumptions that larger men are lazy, sloppy, careless, etc. None of these stereotypes are true, and it’s time to prove that big and tall men can dress well, too. 

It can be difficult to find clothes that fit your body type properly, but don’t settle! Finding the right clothes that compliment your shape can help you earn the respect you deserve and shut down any negative comments society can throw at you.

Here is our big and tall men’s style guide to help you feel like your best self:

Find the Right Fit

If you take anything away from this, remember: the way your clothes fit is most important.

Jackets are a larger man’s best friend to get the proportional look you want. Suits can help you achieve that smooth look by giving the top half of your body a framed and symmetrical appearance. For a more casual fashion, try a blazer or sport jacket.

When shopping for dress shirts, look for spread collars. The wider collars leave room for larger tie knots and are more proportionate to wider faces. You should avoid anything with too much extra fabric or clothes that are uncomfortably tight. This is almost impossible to find right off the rack, so make sure you know a good tailor that can customize clothes to fit you perfectly.

Wear your pants at the natural waistline to help give the appearance of longer legs and a more streamlined look. You can shop for non-pleated pants with no taper for a smoother, slimming fit.

Avoid Bold Patterns

Heavier men look best in simple, small-sized patterns. Anything too busy or bold should always be avoided.

It’s best to stay away from any kind of thick stripe because it can make you appear larger than you are. Instead, go for a minimal pattern like paisley or soft polka dots.

Solid colours are a good option if you want to skip patterns altogether, especially darker colours like black, grey, brown and olive green. The darker shades help give a slimming effect to your body shape and give a sense of power.

Accessorize Accordingly

Big and tall men should wear larger accessories to help them look symmetrical to their size. If you choose an accessory that is too small for you, it can unbalance a look and give the illusion of a bigger body frame.

Wider ties, thicker glasses and bigger watch faces are all examples of accessories that should be larger. By upgrading to bigger accessories, you can convey the message of strength and power to those around you instead of the negative associations society tries to throw at you.

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