What to Look for When Choosing Big and Tall Clothing

Do you ever struggle to find clothes that fit in all the right places? Maybe that shirt fits your broad shoulders, but is too snug everywhere else? Or it fits your torso but is too baggy in the shoulders and arms? 

This is a daily struggle for big and tall men. Clothing is either big or tall, but rarely is it actually both. Most big and tall clothing is made to drape over the body, no matter what your size. They go for the “one size fits all” approach, even if it’s not intentional.

If you don’t mind looking like you’re wearing a burlap sack, this is fine! But if you’re like most big guys, you want something a little more defining than that. It’s okay to be a little picky, especially with your wardrobe. Casual fashion for big guys doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your style.

Find Your Perfect Shirt

First off, it’s important to know how to measure for your size to get the right fit. By taking your body measurements, it can give you a good idea of what you’re looking for before you start shopping.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for dress shirts, sport shirts, or even more casual shirts, the rule is the same across the board if you’re the kind of guy that tucks your shirt in -- look for shirts that tuck into your pants but don’t look too loose. This can help add definition to your body and avoid the burlap sack look. If you prefer to leave it untucked, make sure the shirt isn’t too long or it could make you look like a tent. Aim for shirts that land just shy of the fingertips when you’re standing straight up. It’s also a good idea to look for shirts with a spread collar to give a more proportional look to a wider face.

Stretch is vital for big guys, so always make sure that the material of your shirt has some stretch to it. This can prevent shirts from being too restrictive or keep buttons from pulling apart to give you the perfect fit every time.

When it comes down to solid colour versus patterns on a shirt, your best bet is stick with solids. Patterns can look odd when they bend with the shape of the body, but small patterns like a soft paisley are fine to wear. For solids, pick colours that make you feel confident. Darker colours give a slimming effect, but ultimately choose what you like best and make it your own.

Wear Pants That (Actually) Fit

When shopping for pants, look for pieces that sit comfortably at the natural waistline above your hips. When you wear pants at that height, it allows the fabric to drape over the stomach and give a smooth appearance.

It’s also a good idea to shop for pants that have a flex waist, to them like the Point Zero Flex Waist Pant. Not only will pants with some stretch keep you comfortable all day long, but they’ll give you extra room to avoid pants that are too tight in the waist. Pair them with suspenders for a cool, casual look and you’ll be ready for whatever the day has in store for you.

Jackets Are Key

Jackets for big and tall men should be a staple in every wardrobe. A modern fitting jacket has a leveling effect, meaning it gives an hourglass look that is broad in the shoulders, tapered at the waist, and flared out in the back.

Broadly built tall guys look best in a single-breasted suit that buttons low to form a deep “V” shape. The jacket should be loose enough that it doesn’t look like the button might pop and long enough that it covers your buttocks.

It’s also important to look for jackets with large details, like pockets or lapels, to give a more proportional appearance. The wider the man, the wider the pockets should be to avoid making it look like the jacket was made for a smaller person.

Properly fitting shirts, pants, and jackets can make you feel unstoppable and boost your confidence. Stylish clothes for big guys are out there, you just have to know what you’re looking for. Once you find them, you won’t be the only one that notices

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