Big & Tall Men’s Clothing | 3 Tips to Make Shopping Faster

Do you ever struggle to find big and tall clothes that fit in all the right places? Maybe that shirt fits your broad shoulders, but is too snug everywhere else? Or it fits your torso but is too baggy in the shoulders and arms? 

This is a daily struggle for big and tall men. But it doesn’t have to be. Many designers are making big and tall versions of their classic styles, like Daniel Hechter Paris and Levi’s. At MBT, we make sure that we bring you the best clothing to fit even the biggest and tallest of us.

If you need some choosing the right styles for you, here are some tips.

Find Your Perfect Shirt

Few things are more classic and crisp than a wrinkle-free dress shirt. And getting the right size helps to prevent it from pulling and coming untucked, tarnishing such a great look.

You’ll want to conduct a 3-point check: reach over your head, stretch your arms in-front of you and to your sides. This will gauge if the sleeves and chest fit, and if it’s long enough to stay tucked in.

Stretch is another factor to consider as a bigger guy. Materials that have some stretch will prevent it from feeling like a straitjacket. Plus, that 1-2% of elastane or spandex will help give you a flattering, more athletic look.

To find your exact fit, check out our sizing guide or come into one of our locations. Our staff always have measuring tape in hand.

Big & Tall Pants

Pants can be the biggest pain in the butt. Literally.

We hate it when everything fits perfectly but there’s just not enough space in the seat. Or worse yet, the bottom of the pants kiss the floor.

Not only does this look terrible, think 1950’s wide pant workwear, but you’re shortening the life of your garments. This is due to all the unnecessary pant leg rubbing, floor dragging, and crotch pulling.

There are a ton of fits available now that have these stress points, and you, in mind. Have the pants tailored to fit the length of your leg and find the fit that works for you.

Our favourite denim option is the tapered athletic fit, seen in jeans and joggers. This brings a slimmer silhouette to your calf while still providing space in the thigh and seat.

Much like shirts, look for a pair of pants with a touch of elastane or spandex. This will give you comfort all day long.

Dress Casual Sport Jackets

Sport jackets can be a staple in any big and tall man’s wardrobe. A modern fitting jacket frames your broad shoulders and narrows through the body. This may sound intimidating, but when we put one on for the first time, this was the only fit we wanted. See for yourself.

What this does is promote a more athletic build, giving the look of a slimmed down torso and midsection. Look for a deeper V opening, with only 2-buttons. This will further elongate your frame.

Finding Your Fit

Properly fitting shirts, pants, and jackets can make you feel confident, comfortable, and stylish. But finding the right clothes for your body type is the hardest part of any shopping trip.

Come by one of our locations across Canada to find the fit for you. Because once you find the right one, you won’t be the only person that’ll notice.

Visit one of our Mr. Big & Tall stores across Canada and find the perfect denim you’ve been looking for. Well-made, well-tailored, and well worth the visit.

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