Jackets to Complement Your Look

Bomber Jackets

As the name suggests, this style came from the U.S. Air Force and trickled down to where it is today: a staple of winter wear for all men. If you’re picturing big leather jackets, you’re not wrong, but today’s styles of bomber jackets come in polyester as well. Same moisture resistance, same warmth, just a different package. They’re durable and tapered shorter than most jackets, as well, giving your wrinkle-free dress shirts or sweaters some more time in the spotlight.

Hooded Jackets

Not quite hoodies, these jackets come in all kinds of fabrics. A full-zip activewear hooded jacket keeps your body comfortable and your head protected,  while a micro polar fleece from Point Zero will keep you a bit warmer. The upside to the hood, aside from keeping your face warm, is that it doubles as a great casual look.


If you need to be out and about, looking and feeling good, and the weather is going to dip pretty low, you can’t go wrong with a parka. These hip-length jackets are waterproof and lined with Sherpa fleece to keep you well-insulated. The fur-lined hood adds a little warm flair to whatever look you’re putting together, and it runs casual enough to get you from one casual outing this winter to the next without losing that toasty feeling.


Best for more formal occasions, such as business meetings, the topcoat pairs best with whatever work or dinner suit jacket you might have underneath. A topcoat with a wool-cashmere blend screams elegance and comfort for any big and tall man, especially if you accessorize with colour to make up for the more muted tones topcoats usually come in.
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