Lounge in Comfort this Winter

Many men wear stiff suits and dress pants 80 per cent of the year. (Fine, some men are born lucky and come in around 60 per cent, instead.) 
That’s why this time of the year – winter – is so magical. You’ve got holidays coming up. Maybe some vacation days stored away. All of this adds up to some downtime somewhere on your schedule this winter, and you’re going to need a day or two to just lounge around in comfort.
Lucky for you, that’s where Mr. Big & Tall’s collection of sleepwear comes in. A flannel plaid or checkered pyjama set is perfect for rolling right out of bed onto the couch with a warm cup of cocoa or coffee in the winter mornings.
If you’re only in the market for a pair of new pyjama bottoms, a pair from Joe Boxer might pique your interest. Any sleep bottoms you want to wear as you lounge should come in soft, breathable cotton fabric so you don’t itch but you do stay warm. The Joe Boxer pyjamas have the added bonus of a straight flexible waistband, so you won’t need to worry about tying your waist tight over and over again.
Believe it or not, robes also look and feel great on big and tall men. A shawl collar plush robe from Britches could be the key to going to bed and waking up as comfortable and warm as you’ve been looking for. (If you’re the kind of guy who worries about colour-matching in the mornings, try a solid-colour robe over your plaid pyjamas.)
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