Tips for Men's Pants Shopping

One of the most neglected articles of clothing when putting together a formal outfit is a man's pants. So much attention is given to the shirt, jacket or even the shoes, but the slacks are overlooked. The truth is, slacks can add so much to the overall effect, or detract from it. Mr Big and Tall can help you select the correct men's pants for your special look — and we can make sure they're properly fitted too. 

Fabric and Construction

When shopping for mens pants, the first thing to consider is the fabric. You want a cloth that's durable and comfortable, but also has just the right look. Remember, there's no substitute for good quality, and your slacks are no exception. Examine the seams for attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship. Your pants are part of your wardrobe investment, and you want them to be the highest quality.

Color and Style

Selecting the color and style of your slacks is also very important. If you choose a color that's off, it can clash with your other clothes. When assembling an outfit or crafting a look, be sure that all the colors go well together. If you want slacks that are versatile, go with gray or another neutral color.

Selecting your style is also critical to successful formal wear. Choose a slim look, but generally avoid skinny pants with suits. Your style should flow from top to bottom, and present a consistent look.

Getting That Proper Fit

Probably the most critical element of mens slacks is the fit. There are several areas to consider, and each one should be addressed carefully. It's a good idea to bring along the shoes and belt you will wear, to check for compatibility.

  • Waist Size. When shopping for mens slacks, always take your dimensions with you. Start with the correct waist size, to ensure that the slacks start with a good fit at the top.
  • The Seat. One of the most overlooked areas of how your slacks fit is the seat. The slacks should follow the contour of your bottom, fitting consistently against your underwear. If it's too tight, it will appear stretched or cause horizontal wrinkles at the bottom. If the fit is too loose, it will appear baggy down the thigh.
  • The Break. In getting the proper length, it's important to observe the break. The break is the way the fabric folds where the front of the slacks meets the shoe. If it is correct, the slacks will hang to just above the heel in the back. A half break is a small, single fold in the front of the slacks. A full break is longer, has multiple folds in the front, and some go all the way to the back. For most builds, a half break is ideal. For a stockier build, a half or full break may be needed.

Shop with Us

Take the guesswork out of getting the right mens pants by shopping at Mr Big and Tall. Our trained staff can help you find the look that's perfect for you. Come on by today.

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