Must Have T-Shirts | Plus Size Tees

It might be hard to believe with the cold weather outside, but it’s almost time to stuff those coats, jackets and long-sleeve shirts back in the closet for another year.   

Spring is nearly upon us, and so is t-shirt season! It’s never a bad thing to refresh your collection every once and awhile, but you need to make sure you know which plus size tees to look for. There’s plenty of different types of t-shirts out there for every summer and spring occasion on the horizon.  

First, Let’s Talk About Your V-necks 

We’re willing to bet v-necks are the most common t-shirt in your wardrobe. They’re often simple, comfortable and perfect for just wearing around the house or in casual situations.    

Which also means they might be getting a little old, eh? Time to replenish! This time, though, make sure you vary the colors in your closet. Anyone can say they have a host of white v-neck tees. Not a lot of big and tall men can say they’ve got a v-neck color to match any outfit. Get a leg up! 

Be Super 

It’s a beautiful world. Superhero movies are getting cranked out at an unrelenting clip. And that means it’s cool to sport your Marvel and D.C. gear out on the town. Not ironically. Not like a little kid would. Joyfully, like anyone would!

(Personally we prefer the classic Amazing Spider-Man tee. You just can’t beat Spidey.) 

Pick the Right Graphic Tee 

Like the superhero prints we just ran through, the printed t-shirt you wear should reflect your tastes and interests. A clever print says you’re a clever guy with some wit. A classic print (think Nautica sailing) says you appreciate the outdoors and finer things in life. We bet you didn’t think a tee shirt could say that, right? It can! 

Faded prints are still in style, and tend to work best for a guy who thinks of himself as more casual than classic. These kinds of tee shirts aren’t just for skater culture anymore like they may have been a decade ago. Like any other style, they’ve morphed out of their niche into the comfortable and casual category. Feel free to throw one on for any summer day where you’re ready to lounge around indoors or out.  

Speaking of Classy …  

Some tee shirt occasions require some kind of dressing up. Think church events, afternoon drinks or a company get-together. You’re going to wear khaki shorts or pants, so that means a buttoned-up sport shirt is a must.  

Any could do, but we’ll be frank with you: colorful is really usually the best way to go here. If you prefer simple, fine! We love this subtly dotted sport shirt from britches. The solid colors are accented with just the right touch of orange to make you stand out. 

But if you decide to dive right into the sport shirt color pond we recommend something like this Britches checkered shirt or this Burgundy shirt from Nautica.

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