The Ultimate Guide for the Big & Tall Man

Being tall is often viewed as a positive in most cultures. However, if you don't fit into average sizes, navigating the world of men's clothing can be difficult. Most clothing brands focus on average sizes, ignoring a significant amount of consumers who are vertically-blessed and require clothing that acknowledges this. Craft a stylish wardrobe of big tall clothing by focusing on pieces that suit your body type and personal aesthetic. 

Fit and Balance

When shopping for big tall clothing, fit and balance are key. Your clothes should fit you well. If an item is too big or too small it will look sloppy. If you have clothing items that don't fit well, but you enjoy, you can have them tailored or altered. Work to minimize your tall appearance by selecting items that don't add vertical inches. For example, avoid wearing tall hats and high-heeled shoes. Downplaying vertical and horizontal lines, big tall clothing should balance the lower half and bottom half of the body, keeping both in proportion. Try a cotton polo and belted cargo shorts for a casual look.

Dress Shirts

A crisp, wrinkle-free dress shirt instantly makes you look fresh. Working to find the perfect fit, your ideal dress shirt should be long enough to be tucked in and remain in place. Sleeve length should also be appropriate, with comfortable cuffs that don't pull up around the wrist and forearm. A dress shirt should embrace your torso, but still be sleek enough to look professional. Choose a non-iron, sateen shirt for an effortlessly tailored look.


Ties can be tricky when big tall clothing is required. Often one-size-fits-all, you must be extra careful when selecting a tie. Focus on finding a tie that is neither too thin or too wide. Acknowledge the size and the spread of your collar. It is also important to select a tie made of high-quality material and one that offers a classic color or pattern. Choose a silk striped tie for a perfect, timeless contrast to a solid dress shirt. A must-have addition to any set of big tall clothing, a tie completes your business or formal menswear outfit.


Keeping you warm, dry and comfortable, some form of outerwear is necessary in most climates. When shopping big tall clothing for jackets, coats, or blazers, anything cropped should be avoided. Instead, choose heavy fabrics that sit right below your hips to create the illusion of having shorter legs. You should also select outerwear with two buttons in front instead of three, elongating your appearance. Without adding any bulk to your appearance, a lightweight, breathable jacket is excellent for sporty outings or rainy weather.


Often pricey, opt for a suit that makes you look sharp and sophisticated in both social and professional atmospheres. A classic fit blazer and flat-front trousers deliver a smooth, slim fit. If the fit of your new suit is off, it's important to get all necessary pieces tailored for the best possible look. It is better to have one well-fitted suit than several cheap, frumpy ones. It's also important to select a neutral color for your suit or suit separates. Black, navy, charcoal and gray are classic colors that look good on everyone. Avoid vertical pinstripes or loud designs, as they can bring attention to your height or proportions.
Shopping for affordable and stylish clothing can be a challenge if you don't fit into average sizes. Navigating the world of big tall clothing, it's important to focus on finding high-quality, classic pieces that work with your individual body type. Dressing stylishly isn't hard when you select pieces that fit and balance your body properly. Take advantage of your stature and develop a wardrobe that is comfortable, suits your body type and reflects your unique personality.
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