Useful Tips To Select The Perfect Casual Wear for Big Men

The word “casual wear” implies you never need to put much thought into that outfit you’re wearing to your friends’ cookout, but big & tall men know how silly that idea is.
With so many more things to consider, big & tall men might spend more time fretting over their casual wear than they ever do with suits. There’s just too many options to worry about, right? We get it.
But we’re also here to reassure you that casual wear can be easy once you know these few simple tips.

The Sport Jacket is your friend

If you feel more comfortable with your suit decisions than your casual wear ones, this is a pretty good compromise. A sport jacket is a nice balance between dressed-up and dressed-down, and makes sure your height and width is broken up into a proportional frame.
If you’ve never invested in a sport jacket before, you’ll be pleased to know how many different patterns and colors they come in. Nothing draws an impressed eye like a big man walking in wearing a unique sport jacket. It’ll boost your confidence for certain and make it easy to decide a contrasting pants combination.

Blue Jeans are your friend

Now, you don’t want to go with baggy fits. But big and tall men can definitely get away with boot cuts that other guys can’t, as long as you wear boots with them. Straight cuts are good as well, because they make your body look comfortable in jeans instead of too snug or lost under folds and folds of cloth.
Pair the blue jeans with a nice buttoned-down flannel shirt and you’ve achieved a wonderful balance of bulk, slimness and comfort.

Stay simple

Look, fellas: there’s a lot of you anyway. And that’s not a bad thing at all! It just means more style you pile on, the less casual you will look and feel.
With that in mind, make sure your shirt prints aren’t too busy. Simple stripes, plain or checkered prints are the way to go. Neither should your shirts be loose-fitting; your clothing should always be complimenting your figure, not hiding it. You’ll be surprised how that subtle shift will make you look less big and tall than you actually are. And your confidence will shoot up.
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