Under the Hood: The Best Big & Tall Hoodies

It’s fall which means it’s our favourite time of the year: Hoodie Season! Throw on your comfiest fleece and deepest hood, sinking into a cotton-y hug.

For big and tall guys, there are a ton of varieties to choose from. With Silicon Valley CEOs (aka Tech Bros) making hoodies normal, now’s a great time to embrace the full range.

If anyone thinks that hoodies are a basic piece of clothing, let them know that Champion invented it - one of the hottest brands trending social media and celebrities. 

Back in 1919, Champion (then known as Knickerbocker Knitting Company) was founded by the Feinbloom brothers and their dad. They only set out to achieve one harrowing task: to supply athletic clubs and hardworking men with sweaters that could keep up with their jobs.

By perfecting heavyweight cotton fleece, they became the premiere manufacturer for colleges, universities, and labourers for crewneck sweaters and pants. Eventually they made the first hoodie in the 1930's. And as they say, the rest was history.

We now have hoodies that can replace jackets, hoodies that wick sweat away from your body, and hoodies more durable than the Feinblooms could ever imagine.

The O.G. Hoodie

Here we start the list with the originator to this whole hoodie thing. Try on the Champion classic script hoodie made from their signature plush fleece fabric. You know the fabric we were just talking about?

With their namesake logo printed on the front, you might have to buy two - your significant other may end up stealing it from you. We’ve seen it happen before, so don’t make it happen to you.

Workout Hoodie

Hoodies started their lives as a piece of activewear. And materials have gotten better and better throughout the years. Channel your inner Rocky and take a look at Champion’s powerblend hoodies. Made to withstand rigorous wear and tear, it’s even perfect for fall camping trips.

As great as breaking a sweat is, it feels terrible when your sweater sticks against the body and becomes a furnace. Good thing there are tech hoodies by Projek Raw that wick away sweat while giving you enough stretch to lift, squat, or run in peace. With its full-zip and high-neck coverage, it’ll keep you warm but can be easily taken off.

Rugged / Workwear Hoodie

If you work in construction - or been around a construction site - Caterpillar is a familiar brand to you. Also known by its abbreviation CAT, they’ve extended their ethos of durable equipment  to their equally robust workwear.

If you find yourself outdoors often, you’ll likely need a beefy hoodie - like CAT’s foundation line. Perfect on its own during the fall, or under a heavy canvas vest or jacket in the winter.

Lightweight Hoodie

Find freedom in a transition hoodie. Its light weight gives you the flexibility of long sleeve tees - but with a hood. 

Projek Raw’s textured hooded top is perfect for end of summer nights and early fally lending itself for layering with a Canadian staple - the denim jacket.


If you’re looking for something with a modern slim fit, try out Kuwalla or Bench. You’ll notice that they don’t follow the generous sizing that most traditional hoodies are modelled around.

This tailored look fits closer to the body and cut to end at your hip. It’s perfect for nights out on the town or hanging out with the homies. Also, fantastic for layering under a puffer vest.

Fancy in the Hood

Just because we associate hoodies with deadlifts and lifting pints, does not mean you can’t dress it up. Try this casual knit hoodie from Daniel Hechter Paris. Knit to out-compete any cold winds, this number is fleece lined to keep you nice and toast. And with a sophisticated knit pattern, you can feel comfortable in either chinos or jeans.

Are You Prepared for Sweater Weather?

Getting ready for the cooler season is easy with Mr. Big & Tall.

Whether you’re looking for a new hoodie, jacket, or gloves, we have what you need to face the weather in comfort. Don’t head out there under-prepared; how are you going to impress when you’re shivering?

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