What is a Shacket? The Essential Big & Tall Outerwear This Fall

Whether you call it a shacket, shirt jacket, or overshirt, this style is the best coming-together style there is this season. Perfect for fall, this is THE seasonal transition piece.

But what is it about the overshirt that makes big and tall men stand by it so fervently? Well, it’s not too thick and not too thin. Just thick enough to cut out any wind but thin enough to breathe when the temperature isn’t that cold.

It’s like Goldilocks had a field day at a shirt factory and said she wanted something “just right”.

What is a Shacket? Is it a flannel shirt?

A cross between a shirt and a jacket, shacket design is inspired by early flannel traditions. Thicker than the average modern day flannel shirt, they’re crafted from beefy cotton or wool, often brushed or combed for a softer finish. This is just like the original 1600’s design.

Nowadays, you can find shackets lined with thick polyester quilts or lofty sherpa.

A workwear staple, overshirts help everyone from your local farmer to construction workers stay warm. Depending on the brand, additional features like handwarmer pockets are added to increase comfort and functionality.

Shacket Key Features:

  • Looks like a shirt, thick like a jacket
  • Thick and robust material, often a combed cotton or wool
  • Spacious for layering
  • Can be lined with quilted polyester or sherpa

What’s the deal with the Shacket trend?

In more recent years, shackets have been adopted by many of our favourite designers like Projek Raw. Infusing a dash of contemporary styling, you can now throw one over your everyday wears and reap the warm rewards.

Shackets are perfect for guys that tend to get hot easily. It’s not so thick that you’ll overheat but not too thin either. They also offer a generous fit to allow for layering with a hoodie, a Champion crew neck, or henley. This casual look is easy to pull off while also being warm and comfy.

Since shackets are also light enough to breathe, they’re an amazing staple for outdoor chores, like clearing fall leaves or chopping wood. Shackets are often worn into the early days of winter when paired with a puffer vest.

Where to buy a Shacket?

At Mr. Big & Tall of course! We find the best in big and tall fall fashion and bring it to the everyday Canadian guy. We know you love your flannel and denim - the shacket is the perfect addition to this fall look.

Fall weather can feel unpredictable at times. Whatever Mother Nature throws at you, a shacket will keep the elements at bay!

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