Picking the Right Fall Jeans for Big & Tall Guys

You know it’s fall in Canada when guys everywhere step out of their house in plaid flannel shirts, boots, and overshirts. But we can’t overlook the hardest working pants in your wardrobe: denim.

Whatever your duties are this season, a good pair of jeans will cover your rear. Chopping and hauling wood? Raking the leaves? Evening star gazing with your gal? All denim events.

Sure other pants varieties are cool - casual chinos are sleek and cargo pants are utilitarian - but denim adds charm like changing leaves add colour to a forest. What began as a specialized twill fabric from Nimes, France (de Nimes became denim) was transformed into riveted jeans by historic maker Levi Strauss in the 19th century. Originally made from miners, farmers, and other labourers, jeans have become a staple ever since.

Now you can find jeans that cater to your specific body type and activities. To Mr. Strauss, I’m sure all of our different fabrics would have looked like space-age technology straight out of War of the Worlds. From slim tapered legs, moisture-wicking and 4-way stretching materials, we’re living in the comfiest timeline.

Find out which pair of jeans is right for you; it’s all about fit, colour, and style at Mr. Big & Tall.

Straight Fit Jeans for Big & Tall Guys

Body Type: Evenly Proportioned

This is an update of the OG Levi’s 501 denim that immortalized denim pants into the canons of time. Equally versatile for yard work or a RL cashmere sweater, straight cut jeans feature… well, straight legs but with a forgiving fit for hips and thighs. This is great for guys that are evenly proportioned and need a bit more room.

Top Straight Cut Jeans

Levi’s 505 in Light Indigo

You know the look. There’s a reason why normcore / dad style is back - this is the pair to get stuff done in.

Projek Raw Straight Fit Jeans in Black

We all need a pair of sleek jeans for going out. The middle ground when you don’t want to wear slacks but your faded pair feels too rough and tumble.

Slim Fit Jeans for Big & Tall Guys

Body Type: Skinny legs, longer frames

Slim fit jeans feature a drastic taper in the legs, giving you a slim silhouette. This is great for fashion forward looks, or guys with skinnier legs. If you’re channeling your inner Ramones, opt for a pair of dark jeans and boots.

Buffalo 5-Pocket Jeans in Dark Indigo

Whether you’re going out on a date or kicking it with the guys, this dark wash is perfect for stepping out on the town. Buffalo jeans are made with just enough stretch to keep you moving.

Buffalo Ash 5-Pocket Jeans

Not all your jeans need to be dark and heavy. If you’re looking to lighten things up, Buffalo’s Ash jeans will match your mood.

Athletic Fit Jeans for Big & Tall Guys

Body type: Athletic build (big thighs, slim calves)

A cross between straight leg jeans and slim, athletic fit jeans are a newer style that we welcome here at Mr. Big & Tall. Perfect for guys that hit the gym and your leg days are starting to show, these jeans are strategically built to look slim without limiting your movement. It’s also great that many have stretch fabric in case you forget your gym clothes at home.

Levi’s 502 Tapered Jeans in Dark Wash

If you’ve always loved 501s but wished that the pants opening wasn’t so baggy, Levi’s heard your demands. Tapered past the knee, expect the same comfort as you’ve come to associate with the granddaddy of jeans.

Levi’s 541 Athletic Fit Jeans in Dark Indigo

Raw denim is a staple for traditionalists - and Levi’s updates their fits. Embrace the look you’ve always loved - but more comfortably! Perfect for rocking with your Canadiana look - chunky knit sweaters, plaid shirts, and moc toe boots. Expect a slightly slimmer look than the 502.

Relaxed Fit Jeans for Big & Tall Guys

Body type: Larger Proportions 

If you need a little extra room throughout your jeans, relaxed fits are the best bet for you. With a roomier seat, looser legs, and wider leg openings, it’s easy for men that rely on relaxed fit jeans to opt for shapeless pants. BUT if you find the right length (or get them hemmed by our in-house tailors), your jeans will create dimension and length to your frame. This gives a tailored look that many of us bigger guys assume is an impossibility. Well, at Mr. Big & Tall, we find you the best relaxed fits that flatter any guy.

Levi’s 550 5-Pocket Jeans

Levi’s have done it again! Using their trusty denim, they’ve made a pair of relaxed jeans with all the right proportions.

Britches Relaxed Fit Jeans

If you need a bit of stretch, Britches has your legs covered. Made with 2% spandex and a sleek black-on-black design, your significant other will love these on you.

Find Your Next Pair of Big & Tall Jeans

Shopping for jeans may feel like a pain in the butt at times - especially if they’re not roomy enough in the seat. All of us have our own physique needs; some of us have bigger thighs and others bigger butts. The only way to find the right pair for you is to try them on.

Swing by your closest Mr. Big & Tall location and ask our associates for the latest in big and tall jeans.

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